About The School

GSS School of Music, established in 2016, is one of the leading music schools in the Mysore music scene, best known for its advanced teaching methods in the most simplified ways that is understandable by the pupils.

How It All Began

Although GSS School of Music was established as a music institute in 2016, Mr Surya Bharadwaj’s tryst with teaching music began in 2012 in a small garage at his residence with a handful of students who were passionate to learn music. Prior to getting started with teaching music for his disciples, Mr Surya Bhardwaj was a renowned guitarist in several bands and has played at innumerable venues and institutions.

Having had a hands-on knowledge about music in several of its forms, Mr Surya Bharadwaj, in 2012, decided to start teaching music to people around him. As the numbers gradually grew, he knew he had to do something about it, which is when he established GSS School of Music officially in 2016. What started as a small hobby as a result of curiosity has given Mr. Surya Bharadwaj a venture to take care of!

That said, GSS School of Music is one of the leading music schools in the Mysore music scene, best known for its advanced teaching methods in the most simplified ways. The main objective and vision of the institute is to provide the students with the finest music education and a professional studio experience with the best possible technological support.

Bringing Music To Life

The main focus of GSS School of Music has always been on personal training and giving importance to the interests of each student. Students in GSS School of Music are trained from the basic level to the professional level to meet the standards of today’s musicians, composers, performers and artists.

At GSS School of Music, students can choose to learn from varieties of genres and styles of music that include the likes of Rock, Pop, Indian Film Music, Indian Classical, Western Classical, Blues, Jazz, Metal, Fusion, EDM (Electronic Dance Music), etc. Here, every student is given individual attention to make sure the trainers understand their interest and style of play. The institute also houses disturbance-free ambience for regular practice, installed with computers that make use of professional music softwares to train the students.

Started with just a handful of students and now the institute educates nearly 200 students in a year. So far, more than 1500 students have been graduated from GSS School of Music with flying colours. With passing time, Mr Surya Bharadwaj hopes that the number just keeps growing.


Big Picture For Future

As the rightful captain of GSS School of Music, Mr Surya Bharadwaj has all the necessary plans to steer the institute in the proper direction in the near future. To start with, he plans to add in more instruments for the instrumental courses and begin vocal training for those interested in singing. Following these are plans to open a branch in Bengaluru. Furthermore, Mr Surya Bharadwaj also hopes to arrange performances for his students in big arenas and venues that help them garner the much needed attention.

In the long run, Mr Surya Bharadwaj has plans to open a residential music school with international facilities and start a video production company that can support the institute’s work.

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