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Stay up to date with the latest news and resources about music. We also bring informative articles, shortcuts to skills, introduction to new musical instruments, how different cultures view and adapt to music.

No goal can be achieved overnight unless it is a lottery you just won off the ticket you bought the previous day! Every career requires hard work, but the amount of work that needs to be put in, especially in the initial stages of starting a career, varies from one person to another. Music is...

Guitar is a musical instrument that not only gives joy while playing it, the instrument also improves dexterity and sounds amazing. The best guitar classes in Mysore will provide the right foundation, or in terms of music, the right basics to start learning the guitar. To master any musical instrument, the basics play a major...

Keyboard is a musical instrument that is played by pressing on the levers that produce sound. Some examples are digital piano, electronic keyboard, etc. It is one of the musical instruments that needs power, such as electricity, in order to work. There are many keyboard classes in Mysore that can help you get started. A...

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