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Stay up to date with the latest news and resources about music. We also bring informative articles, shortcuts to skills, introduction to new musical instruments, how different cultures view and adapt to music.
Guitar Playing: How To Think Outside The Box For Good?

There is probably not a single individual who likes monotony, no matter in what aspect. One true benefit of enrolling in a guitar class in Mysore lies in breaking monotony while still learning consistently. ‘Think outside the box’ is apparently no longer a statement typical to any subject and is rather generic. The same holds...

How Can Music Help Your Child Overcome Social Phobia?

Children today have a wide range of extra-curricular activities to pursue alongside their common academics and music is one of them. Music classes for children can help them get the right hold on the basics of music while also helping them out in many other ways. For decades and even centuries, music has been known...

6 Reasons Why Almost Everyone Can Fall In Love With The Piano

Music is one of the biggest forms of entertainment across the world and there is no denying that. In the initial learning stages, musical instruments might be challenging but dedication towards regular practice will offer one the best results. Enrolling in piano classes in Mysore might be more than just a hobby. Learning music in...

What Is The Importance Of Music Education In Today’s World?

Students are always advised to have a hobby or participate in one or more forms of extracurricular activities. Music is not just an art but a skill that can be improvised through practice, especially under a trained professional or expert. Numerous dedicated music schools are offering degrees in music to students of all ages. Learning...

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