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Stay up to date with the latest news and resources about music. We also bring informative articles, shortcuts to skills, introduction to new musical instruments, how different cultures view and adapt to music.
6 Practical Ways To Encourage Your Child To Make Music

Children are generally playful but getting them to learn something while having fun will imbibe great skills in them. It is a good idea to enroll your child in the best music class in Mysore as music is one of the top art forms. Although, it is not just art but also entertainment while also...

Guide To Shift Your Music Production Journey Towards A Career

Music gives joy to most – whether one is playing an instrument or listening to a beautiful musical piece. With music production as a career, it is also enjoyable. Learning the right basics of music production and practicing the right techniques while also dedicating ample time for the same results in a rewarding musical journey....

What Is The Importance Of Music Education In Today’s World?

Students are always advised to have a hobby or participate in one or more forms of extracurricular activities. Music is not just an art but a skill that can be improvised through practice, especially under a trained professional or expert. Numerous dedicated music schools are offering degrees in music to students of all ages. Learning...

4 Effective Tips To Improve Acoustic Guitar Recordings

The guitar is a musical instrument that is famous throughout the world and has been in use for centuries, along with other stringed instruments like the violin, the ukulele, etc. Before you start to learn guitar in Mysore, you must know that there are majorly two classifications – the acoustic guitar and the electric guitar....

6 Music Theory Concepts That Every Musician Should Understand

Musician course is the best way to get introduced to the world of music, regardless of what in music further interests you. From vocals to instruments, one can learn music in many ways. Music benefits the musician in many ways and eventually helps in improved physical health and mental health. Music is scientifically proven to...

Where To Start If You Want To Build A Career In Music?

Not all careers offer one to pursue their passion, but a career in music is where passion meets career. In 2023, there are many roles in music career that can get you started and open ample opportunities to grow higher and excel. Music is a field where one can never know everything despite years of...

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