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What Is The Importance Of Music Education In Today’s World?

Students are always advised to have a hobby or participate in one or more forms of extracurricular activities. Music is not just an art but a skill that can be improvised through practice, especially under a trained professional or expert. Numerous dedicated music schools are offering degrees in music to students of all ages. Learning...

4 Effective Tips To Improve Acoustic Guitar Recordings

The guitar is a musical instrument that is famous throughout the world and has been in use for centuries, along with other stringed instruments like the violin, the ukulele, etc. Before you start to learn guitar in Mysore, you must know that there are majorly two classifications – the acoustic guitar and the electric guitar....

5 Mistakes To Avoid While You Are Learning Piano

Learning piano for beginners may feel like a real challenge and it definitely is. However, learning your mistakes and correcting them can help in faster progress. Learning the keyboard under an experienced tutor can change the way to learn for the better. While you learn all necessary basics using the right techniques, you also advance...

Can You Relieve Stress By Learning An Instrument?

In a fast-paced world like the one that we are living in, stress does not come as a shock anymore. It affects adults and children alike – you read that right! From the beginning of time, there have been numerous forms of musical instruments, most of which have evolved and exist in modern forms today....

5 Most Useful Guitar Tips For Minor Scales

A guitar may take from a few weeks to months to learn depending on the grasping power, dedication and commitment by the learner. Guitar is not just wonderful to listen to but also enjoyable to play. Guitar classes in Mysore are the best way to learn to play the guitar from scratch. The basics in...

Benefits You Get By Finding A Good Online Music Tutor

Gone are the days where one did not have any other way to learn music than physically attend the relevant classes. If the lockdown imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it is the value of being comfortable in your own house. Finding an online music tutor is one of the most rewarding...

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