GSS Music School - Game of Thrones Online Guitar Contest
GSS Music School - Game of Thrones Online Guitar Contest

Welcome to the Game of Thrones Online Guitar Contest

We appreciate your interest to be a part of this nationwide Game of Thrones online guitar contest. Do you think you have what it takes to win a Kepma A1C Acoustic Guitar? Then get ready and read the competition rules carefully.

Contest Rules
  • Participants are required to learn & record the Melody & Chords of the Game of Thrones soundtrack on their guitar, as indicated in the TABS and upload a Split Screen video of themselves playing both the parts (Melody & Chords) each on a different screen (One screen playing Melody & the other playing the Chords).
  • The TABS for the Melody & Chords of the Game of Thrones Soundtrack are provided in .pdf & .gp5 (Guitar Pro 5) formats. A video file (.mp4) of the TABS is also included in the download material.
  • Participants may play the Melody & Chords in any desired fretboard position and need not follow the same frets as indicated in the TABS.
  • Please note that this arrangement of the Game of Thrones (Soundtrack) is our version of the original score and includes variations in style, arrangement, melody and rhythm. Our version of the score is transcribed in the key of A Minor whereas the original score is written in C Minor. Participants are required to perform this version of the score in the given key signature as indicated in the TABS.
  • Participants may add layers of instruments, synths, percussion, bass, effects, etc. on the basic required elements, i.e., the Melody & Chords which are recorded using the guitar.
  • The video must contain at least two screens:
    • Screen 1: Participant playing the melody
    • Screen 2: Participant playing the chords
  • Participants may also include more than two screens if they wish to showcase the other elements/layers used in your track if any.
  • For best results, record the audio first and then shoot the videos while playing back the recorded audio.
  • You can check out this VIDEO made by us if you’re not familiar with what a split screen video is.
  • Please go through the TIPS & FAQs section to understand some important things to keep in mind.
  • Once the video is ready for submission, participants must log in to their Facebook & Instagram accounts and upload the video on both the platforms tagging “@gssmusicschool”, “@procraftindia” & “@kepmaguitars” with a “#GOTguitarcontest” hashtag included in the posts. The last date for submission is 30th May, 2021.
NOTE: Those who take part in this contest must either reside in India or have a shipping address in India to where we can ship the prizes. Participants who do not have a shipping address in India are only eligible for the participation prizes & E-Certificate.
Tips to achieve better audio & video quality
  • Guitarists who do not have an audio interface can consider getting one. Those who are low on budget may consider getting a cheaper audio interface (prices starting from Rs.3000) or a USB condenser microphone (prices starting from Rs.3500). Those who do not have a computer or laptop may consider other options like iRig, Apogee JAM, TC Helicon GO, Tascam iXZ, etc. which support android or iOS connectivity for recording.
  • Preferably use a guitar with good pickup(s) and use an audio interface to record the instrument output into a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) of your choice. If your guitar does not have pickup(s), you can use a microphone. If you have a studio setup with acoustic treatment, you may consider using microphone(s) instead of pickups.
  • If you’re using a microphone and do not have acoustic treatment, you may research the web to understand some of the simple, easy and inexpensive home solutions for soundproofing and treating your recording space to get a good clean recording.
  • Make sure to set the microphone or gain levels before you start recording. To get a good recording, set the levels anywhere between -20db to -6db on your DAW or recording application. If you’re using an acoustic guitar, adjust the EQ to your liking and use not more than 70-80% volume. If you’re recording with a phone, make sure the input levels don’t cross 70-80%.
  • If you’re using a DAW, set the time signature to 3/4 and the project tempo (BPM) to 160. Make sure to keep the metronome or click enabled while recording. If you’re using the backing track, make sure you sync the backing track to the project tempo (160 BPM).
  • If you’re using a phone for the recording, use a metronome (160 BPM) to avoid synchronization issues. But make sure metronome doesn’t get recorded in your audio.
  • Double Tracking the guitar Chords (recording a part twice and panning one to the left & one to the right) can help the recording sound wide and add depth in the stereo field. Guitarists familiar with stereo miking & processing techniques can make use of it.
  • You may edit, trim & crossfade your audio recordings to make sure there are no clicks and pops in your recording.
  • Make use of FX processors, pedals or effect plugins in your DAW & learn how to mix and master your track if you’re not familiar with it. There are a ton of effect plugins with very good stock presets. Use these if you’re a beginner to enhance the sounds. Here are some good effect plugins with hundreds of presets, suitable for both acoustic & electric guitars: EZMix, BIAS FX, Amplitube, Neural DSP, NI MOD Pack, Valhalla DSP, CLA Guitars (Waves), etc. If you don’t have these plugins, you may try finding trial or demo versions of these and make use of it.
  • Layering the Melody with an octave/unison recording of the same or using an Octaver pedal/plugin in some parts of the song or even the entire song can help in emphasis of the Melody and add some tonal depth or variation to your track.
  • If you have the knowledge and skills in music production, you may add layers of instruments, percussion, synths, samples and effects to add more detail into your audio.
  • For best results, record & process the audio first and then shoot the video while playing your parts along with the recorded audio.
  • Playback the audio in the DAW with the metronome enabled while shooting the video. This helps in better audio/video synchronization.
  • Use a good camera, preferably DSLRs, if you have one to shoot the video. Make use of tripods, gimbals or any other video tools that you have. If you do not have these, you can even use a phone camera.
  • Use a video editing software, preferably on a computer or laptop with a good graphic card to edit and export the video. If you do not have a computer or laptop, you may use your phone for the video editing.
  • You may take the help of your friends, relatives or social contacts who can guide you with audio/video recording & editing.
NOTE: All of the above tips to achieve better audio/video quality are recommendations and not mandatory for the contest.
There will be 5 judges for this contest. The names of the judges along with their social media links are given below:

1. Surya Bharadwaj (Guitarist / Music Producer / Keyboardist)


2. Bharath Janardhan (Drummer / Music Producer / Guitarist)


3. Shashank Kandachar (Guitarist)


4. Noel Reuben (Guitarist / Vocalist)


5. Raghunandan Rao (Guitarist / Vocalist)


The final judgement will be based on the following categories, with each category carrying 50 points (10 points from each of the judges) which totals to 500 points (50 points x 10 categories):
  1. Understanding of the Competition Rules
  2. Accurate Representation of the TABS
  3. Musicality
  4. Audio & Video Quality
  5. Audio & Video Synchronization
  6. Creativity & Presentation
  7. Clarity & Timing
  8. Expressiveness & Genuineness
  9. Perfection
  10. Overall Performance
The winner & top 5 performers will be chosen based on the total points gained.  The scoresheet will be updated on the same page on 8th June, 2021.
  • Prize for Winner: Acoustic Guitar (Kepma A1C) + Participation Prizes + E-Certificate
  • Prizes for top 5 performers: Guitar Accessories + Participation Prizes + E-Certificate
  • Prizes for all qualified participants: Participation Prizes + E-Certificate


1. What type of guitar must be used for this contest?

You may use any type of guitar (Acoustic Steel String, Classical Nylon String, Electric Guitar, etc) that you think suits the piece of music.

2. Can I add layers of chords, arpeggios, synths, percussion, etc to make it sound better?

You are free to add any instrument/layer on the basic elements needed in the audio (Melody & Chords). The video must contain at least 2 screens, with one being the video of you playing the Melody & the other one with the Chords.  You may also include more than two screens if you wish to showcase the other elements/layers used in your track if any.

3. Can I improvise the given piece of music to make it sound better?

Yes. You definitely can show the best of your skills & creativity to stand a higher chance of winning. But remember that the final judegment will be based on how it sounds, more than the techniques involved. As long as your improvisation perfectly fits the piece of music, you’re good to go.

4. Can non-guitarists take part in the contest?

No. This contest is particularly for guitarists. We hope to conduct more contests in the future for other instruments.

5. I don’t live in India. Can I take part in the contest?

You may take part in the contest but you need to have a shipping address in India to claim the prizes. However, you’ll be eligible for the participation prizes and E-Certificate as these are distributed online.

6. What is the last date to submit my entry for the contest?

You can submit your entry on or before 30th May, 2021.

7. Where can I find the TABS or any supporting material for this contest?

You can get the TABS & other supporting material HERE.

8. What if I fail to follow one or more of the competition rules?

As obvious as it seems, you will be disqualified. However, if you realize that before the competition ends, you can re-submit your entry with the necessary corrections.

9. Where should I submit my video?

The video must be uploaded both on Facebook & Instagram with the tags @gssmusicschool, @procraftindia & @kepmaguitars. The #GOTguitarcontest hashtag must also be included in the posts.

10. What if I don’t tag @gssmusicschool, @procraftindia & @kepmaguitars or use the hashtag #GOTguitarcontest?

If you fail to tag us or use the mentioned hashtag, your entry will not be considered valid and you will not be eligible for any of the prizes.

11. I don’t use Facebook/Instagram. Will I be able to take part?

If you don’t have an account on Facebook/Instagram, you need to create one and submit your entry. Participants below 18 years of age may use their parents’ or siblings’ accounts to post their videos. Submissions sent via email or WhatsApp will not be considered valid.

12. I don’t know how audio & video recording/editing works. Will I be able to take part?

You can find infinite resources on the web on how to record/edit audio & video. You need to do your own research and give your best shot with the resources you have. Please go through the “TIPS to achieve better audio & video quality” section to get some useful information on recording/editing audio & video.

13. I don’t know how to read TABS. Will I be able to take part?

You can go through our Technical Guide HERE to understand how to read TABS & use Guitar Pro software.

14. I don’t have good guitar or recording equipment. Will I be able to take part?

Yes. The minimum requirement for the contest is a guitar and an audio/video recording device. A smartphone should be sufficient for audio/video recording & editing. However, we recommend using professional audio/video devices to achieve the best results.  Please go through the “TIPS to achieve better audio & video quality” section to get some useful information on recording/editing audio & video.

15. What apps can be used to open the given .gp5 (Guitar Pro) file?

The following apps can be used based on the OS:
Guitar Pro 5 (Windows)
Guitar Pro 7 (Mac)
Guitar Tab (Android)
Mulody Guitar (iOS)
TEFpad (iOS)

16. I’m a beginner at guitar. Will I be able to take part?

If you’re smart enough to learn the given piece of music with the provided information & resources, you definitely can. We’ve included all the required details on this page for guitarists of any level to take part. You may need to do some research on audio/video recording & editing if you’re not familiar with it. You can go through the “CONTEST GUIDELINES” & “TIPS to achieve better audio & video quality” sections to get some useful information on recording/editing audio & video.

17. Can I group with my friend(s) and take part as a group?

No. This contest is only for individual participants.

18. When will the winner be announced?

The winner will be announced on the same page as well as on our Facebook & Instagram pages on 8th June, 2021.

19. How can the winner of the contest claim the prize (Kepma A1C Guitar)?

We’ll contact the winner for shipping information and the guitar will be shipped by Procraft India (Diamond sponsor of the event).

20. Is the guitar bag provided with the Kepma A1C guitar?

Yes. Kepma bag, allen key & plectrum will be provided along with the Kepma A1C guitar.

21. How can the top 5 performers claim their prizes?

If you are amongst the top 5 performers, we’ll get in touch with you for the shipping information and courier the prizes at the earliest (Delivery time may be delayed due to the COVID situation).

22. How can the participants claim the participation prize & E-Certificate?

All the participants will receive the E-Certificate & participation prizes on their registered email id.

23. Should the audio and video be recorded at once or recorded separately?

For best results, it’s recommended to record the audio first and then shoot the video while playing along with the recorded audio.

24. Can I perform my own version of Game of Thrones Soundtrack for this contest?

The Melody & Chords must be played as indicated in the TABS and it must be included in the audio and video. However, you may improvise the melody and chords, change the playing position or add layers of fingerstyle guitar, synths, percussion, etc. on the basic required elements (Melody & Chords).

Contest Results

Thank you all for participating in the GOT Guitar Contest.

We were as excited as you guys to see the results and here it is!

Avi Kumrawat (@avi__kt) – 437 points

Top 5 Performers:

  1. Sunny Arora (@sunnyarora_official) – 417 points
  2. Dylan Geo Zachariah (@dylanzach_tunes) – 416 points
  3. Thilak John (@thilak_john) – 412 points
  4. Adrian Charles (@_adrian_charles) – 405 points
  5. AT Ngodup (@acoustic_tibet) – 402 points

Amazingly Talented in Fingerstyle Guitar:

  1. Sunny Arora (@sunnyarora_official)
  2. Sachin Karekar (@sachin_karekar_6)

Best Audio & Video Quality:

  1. Avi Kumrawat (@avi__kt)
  2. Avik (@avik.m_u_s_i_c)

Talented musicians in the house:

  1. Sunny Arora (@sunnyarora_official)
  2. Sachin Karekar (@sachin_karekar_6)
  3. Dylan Geo Zachariah (@dylanzach_tunes)
  4. Dhruv (@curly_chords)
  5. Samuel (@_samueljabez_)
  6. Thilak John (@thilak_john)
  7. Adrian Charles (@_adrian_charles)
  8. Aman Verma (@aman_withstrings)
  9. Joy Elvin Joe (@jui_buiii)
  10. Harsh Gupta (@unofficial_harsh_)
  11. Gagan Behl (@gps_houseofrock)
  12. Avik (@avik.m_u_s_i_c)

Mentionable Qualified Entries:

  1. Avik (@avik.m_u_s_i_c) – 398 points
  2. Dhruv (@curly_chords) – 392 points
  3. Harshit Kumar (@harshitminor) – 387 points
  4. Rajat Sharma (@rajatsharmx) – 387 points
  5. Gagan Behl (@gps_houseofrock) – 385 points
  6. Harsh Gupta (@unofficial_harsh_) – 379 points
  7. Vishrutha G (@_vish.rhythm_) – 368 points
  8. Manan (@manan0027_) – 362 points
  9. Sachin Karekar (@sachin_karekar_6) – 360 points
  10. Shreyas Shastry (@its_sas3) – 359 points
  11. Joy Elvin Joe (@jui_buiii) – 356 points
  12. Mihir Vinzuda (@mihir_vinzuda) – 355 points
  13. Tushar Walgunje (@_____tushar_______) – 354 points
  14. Adhithya R (@adhithya_96) – 353 points
  15. Vishal D (@_ig_mantis) – 352 points
  16. Mukul (@malikmukul200) – 350 points

We would like to congratulate the winner, the top 5 performers and all the participants. We truly appreciate the time and effort that was involved.

We wanted to be as fair as possible with the judgement and we’ve tried our best to deliver justice to all the participants. We haven’t disqualified any participant just to encourage talent and support fellow musicians. But we had to cut down the points for participants who haven’t played in the key of A, for participants who haven’t included the elements of the given arrangement and for those who haven’t uploaded their entry on Facebook as we wanted to be fair with the ones who’ve followed the contest rules.

The Score Sheet can be viewed in PDF or on Google Sheets. It includes the scores of all the participants for every judgement category from the judges’ perspectives. Feel free to reach out to us for a detailed feedback on your entry.

The WINNER & TOP 5 PERFORMERS are required to send us their shipping address, contact number & email id to claim the prizes.
All participants are required to email us to receive the participation prizes and E-Certificate.

WhatsApp: +91 81972 36500

We hope to conduct more such contests for Guitarists, Pianists and Music Producers in the future. Stay Tuned for more!

Hurry up! Get a chance to win Kepma A1C. Contest closing soon.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about the contest.
WhatsApp: +91 81972 36500
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